Here’s the instructions and the link for the submission form (make sure you read the instructions first! Your video could be disqualified if you do not follow the rules!) :


1. Your video has include the following information:
-TITLE of the video
-Names of the TEAM MEMBERS who participated the production

2. Your video has to have PEDAGOGICAL IDEA and you have to explain it.
-Include the pedagogical idea into the video (as text in the beginning) or explain it clearly in the information box of the youtube video.

We recommend you use the classifications of video pedagogy.

3. Use CC -license. You can choose this for your youtube video instead of normal youtube license. Do not use copyrighted material (music, video clips etc.) which you are not allowed to copy, publish or modify.

4. Your video – including the titles – must be maximum of four (4) minutes.

5. Your video must have all the three (3) keywords presented in the video somehow. (As an idea, theme, object, text, name, activity… you choose how you use them.)

6. The video must be uploaded on Youtube by the midnight of Sunday the 27th of November.

7. You must submit your video to the Edit challenge by using this form!

8. Post a link to your video on the EDIT -facebook page.


EDIT Challenge submission form